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Thesis example - Luxury cosmetic industry in the Chinese Market: opportunities and challenges

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Finance & Accounting
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Luxury cosmetic industry in the Chinese Market: opportunities and challenges Table of Contents Abstract 4 Chapter 1: Introduction and Objectives 5 1.1: Aims and Research Objectives 9 Chapter 2: Literature Review 9 2.1: Consumers 9 2.2: Competition 11 2.3: Market Communication 13 2.4: Product Strategy 17 2.5: Channels of Distribution 19 2.6: Segmentation and Targeting 20 2.7: Positioning 24 Chapter 3: Relationship of Ideas 26 Chapter 4: Primary Research 27 4.1: Research Question 27 4.2: Research Methods 28 4.3: Hypothesis Design and Testing 28 4.4: Sampling Technique 29 4.5: Research Limitations 29 4.6: Research Findings and Analysis 30 Chapter 5: Recommendations and Conclusion 39 References 4…

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But the market revived soon in 2010, and the country witnessed a dramatic increase in the sales of cosmetic products. China has been the major target of the major cosmetic brands in the world. The primary aim of the research is to study and analyze the high-end cosmetic industry in China. The analysis is based on four major perspectives, namely the product mix, the channels of communication and distribution, and the consumers. The analysis of the perspectives throws light on the business interests of the largest cosmetic producers in the world. The research has been conducted using both primary and secondary research techniques. The literature review is primarily based on secondary research. It provides the history of the cosmetic industry in China, and the recent developments and changes that have taken place. It presents the macroeconomic context in which the industry operates. ...
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