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The Relevance of Independent Films in Modern Culture Although these do not get as much attention or hype from the mass media, independent films manage to gain some following, especially among the members of the academe and from certain sectors in society to which the subjects of such cultural forms are addressed.


The most common impression about independent films though is that such projects are not usually funded by the major motion picture producers. Because of this there have concepts that “films made by smaller studios or give a guarantee of distribution by one of the majors before production are classified as ‘semi-indie’.” (King 9) Limiting the definition of independence in film-making to questions of financing may result to inaccurate conclusions about indie movies though. What makes a film truly independent basically depends on the freedom of the film-makers themselves in expressing their ideas through their craft. With this concept, it is only clear that a major studio may create an independent arm which could produce films which contents and artistic directions are to be freed from intervention. However, it is true that that indie films produced by subsidiaries of major studios may not be as free as those that are made by non-corporate and non-business entities. Although these may have serious disadvantages in terms of budget, the producers, directors, writers, and all other artists involved relatively enjoy greater freedoms in expressing or in putting their creativity in film. With the shoestring budget though, independent film-makers certainly have problems in distribution. ...
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