Develop an awareness of self in relation to others.

Develop an awareness of self in relation to others. Coursework example
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Defense Mechanism Behaviour is an interest aspect of human beings. People’s behaviour helps them to form their personalities. Different people have different behaviour patterns and hence, they adjust differently in the society. However, when people fail to perform to their abilities or fail to get expected results in their lives, they try to protect themselves from getting criticized by others through different mental ‘techniques’.


The defense mechanisms help people in maintaining their self-esteem and self-respect in face of embarrassing, threatening or defeating situations. Hence, defense mechanisms are mental tools used by people from feeling unworthy and inferior. Using defense mechanism once or twice is fine. However, when people start using defense mechanism often, then it harms their reputation and also keeps them from seeing the ‘real’ picture. ‘Rationalization’ and ‘projection’ are among the most commonly used defense mechanisms by people. People use rationalization when the truth about a situation is painful to accept. In such situations, people use rationalization as a defense mechanism and give socially acceptable and reasonable explanation for their behaviour. By doing so, people avoid accepting their own fears, anxieties and negative aspects of personality. After using rationalization repeatedly, it becomes a part of their unconscious behaviour pattern and they lose the ability to reflect on the truth or to improve their behaviour. ...
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