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Cases and Statutes Kazim Rizvi Abstract Four questions have been answered in the following paper with regard to different laws and citations. The first answer looks at a comparison between the statutes regarding drunk driving in the states of Michigan and California and observes their commonalities as well as differences.


The fourth answer is a summary of the case 23 Wis. J.L. Gender & Soc'y 41. Keywords: statutes, laws Answer to question 1: Drunk driving is a serious civil offence recognized across the United States of America. The two statutes that I wish to discuss with regard to this topic are Mich. Comp. Laws sec. 257.625 and V C Section 23152. (Michigan laws) According to the statute of Michigan, a person does not have the right to operate a vehicle on either a highway or any place of public while under the influence of alcohol. In such a case, as he is intoxicated, it might lead to injury for both the vehicle and others, not to forget the individual himself. If the person who operates a vehicle after being intoxicated causes the death of a person, he will be charged of a felony or crime. The ‘per se’ blood alcohol level for a person driving in the state of Michigan has to be .08 and his zero tolerance level should not exceed .02. If caught, the person will be implied with the consent of law. If the offence has been committed for the first time, the defendant’s license may be suspended for a period not exceeding 6 months, however, consequently, the suspension period can go up to more than one year as well. After the second time an offense is created, the person will have to do time in jail and undergo education pertaining to alcohol usage. ...
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