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Methodological issues in accounting research: theories, methods and issues

It was also declared that the excess capital in regard to the operational requirements of the company would be given back to its shareholders. Relevant Theory: The accounting theory that would be relevant in relation to this article would be the implementation of accounting application that the company might use so as to revive from the crisis. In other words, it can be said that the positive accounting theory would relate well to this article. Another issue in reference to accounting theory that would also be relevant is the stakeholder theory. Both these theories would assist in focusing on the problem of the company and facilitate to develop measures that would help the company recover from the current crisis. Application of the Theory to the Article: According to Freeman & Et. Al. ...
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Accounting Theory Table of Contents 1 Table of Contents 2 Group - A 3 After Disasters, It's Time for Suncorp to Shine 3 Article Summary 3 Relevant Theory: 3 Application of the Theory to the Article: 4 Conclusion: 5 Group - B 6 The News of the World news just gets worse and worse for News 6 Article Summary 6 Relevant Theory: 7 Application of the Theory to the Article: 7 Conclusion: 8 Group – C 9 Oil Spill Firm May Lose Licences 9 Article Summary: 9 Relevant Theory: 9 Application of the Theory to the Article: 10 Conclusion: 11 References 13 Group - A After Disasters, It's Time for Suncorp to Shine Article Summary The shares of Suncorp reached a four-week high after the company promised to ret…
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