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[Type the company name] IS GLOBAL WARMING A GENUINE THREAT TO THE PLANET EARTH? ARGUMENTATIVE THESIS AUTHOR [Pick the date] Is global warming a genuine threat to the planet earth? Introduction: Simply put global warming is the absorption of Sun’s infra red radiations by greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere, resulting in an overall rise in the temperature of the planet; greenhouse gases being water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide ((IPCC, 2007).


The object of this thesis is to diecuss the statement "global warming is not a threat to planet earth”, by a study of both sides of the picture. Thesis: Global Warming Is Not A Threat To Planet Earth Though the proponents of the theory of global warming consider it a threat to the very existence of planet Earth and all its inhabitants, and the same is being propogated by governements and non government organisation; private and public associations; media and politicians; there is another group of scientists strictly adhering to the theory of “global warming: a natural phenomenon”, The scientists insist that global warming has been a continuous phenomenon irrespective of human activities. Moreover, they refute the global warming threat on the basis of lack of credibility of the techniques routinely used in the science of climatology; which they stress are ill equipped to study and understand the intricacies of weather. One of the major evidences in favour of global warming being a natural phenomenon is that it has been in existence much before the start of industrial revolution. ...
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