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He is sound asleep one night when he is awakened by some strange sounds. He looks down from where it is coming, and he starts falling and falling. This sensation is very normally experienced by many of us while we are asleep, and the author has very expertly inculcated the feel of it in words to arise fascination within children to read more. Mickey finds himself fallen in a night kitchen where three fat bakers are baking a cake for the morning. Mickey falls into the jug of milk and is accidentally kneaded into the cake dough after which the bakers put him into the oven. Somehow, Mickey manages to come out of the dough and feels sorry that he has spoiled the cake. He, then, makes an airplane of the dough and flies outside the oven into a bottle of milk where he pours the milk into the dough when its covering crumbles up. The bakers are happy that the cake came out perfect. Mickey, then magically returns to his bedroom into his bed, and pleasurably thinks about the delightful experiences that he had in the night kitchen. The aim behind summarizing the story is to explain how the content is well suited to be studied by a primary grader. Every one of us has his own unique good or bad style of learning new things (Dunn, 2000). ...
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A Book for Primary Grade Students The book under discussion here is Maurice Sendak’s In the Night Kitchen which was published in 1970. It is more of a picture book which has received Caldecott Honor Award in 1971. Although it faced some controversies regarding the main character of the story, yet it remained one of the most famous stories for children and is perfect to be included in the syllabus of primary grade students…
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