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The world’s population is growing at a very first and as a result the natural resources have been consumed at an even faster rate. The result of the above and the major concern globally today is the lack of electricity around the world.


The need to find alternate sources of energy is greater than ever before. The main objective of this paper is to find ways of how other alternate sources can be used to produce clean energy for the next generation. Hydropower is one of the major alternate sources of energy available. Hydropower can be a solution to the lack of electricity over the world. The research will be aimed at finding ways of harnessing this potential alternate source of energy on a large scale to meet the global power needs of the future. Evaluation methods will use both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies in order to achieve the objective of the research. The success of this research will have a positive impact on the environment and the society. It will lead to the production of clean energy and at the same will be a solution to the electricity crisis around the world. References Anderson, W. (1994). Energy and the environment: the new case for conservation. Energy Studies Review 6(1) , pp. 16-33. Atkins, W. A. (2003). Hydroelectric Power. Water:Science and Issues , 19-23. Benjamin, A. H., Marques, C. L., & Tinker, C. (2005). ...
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