International aspects of business law

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The Importance of International Law to International Traders Topic: Critically consider the importance of international law to international traders. International traders in commodities, equities, bonds, and other goods or services employ a number of different strategies to maximize their return on investment.


Increasingly international trade organizations such as the WTO and bilateral free-trade agreements such as those in place with the United States and E.U. can significantly shape and alter the economic environment in a way that financial planners must identify and manage for investment clients with advance preparation. The importance of international law to traders in this context of financial investment services and commodities trading particularly cannot be understated, as it is a direct aspect of risk management operations that form a part of due diligence in any overseas investment strategy. Financial planners and traders must identify the risk elements that international law governs as a variable in estimating the success and expected returns of a project in order to successfully manage investment services for clients in the contemporary era of globalization. The history behind the WTO, bank frameworks, and financial regulation are all chief matters of international aspects of business law which affect trade. The application of international law to trading activity of commodities, equities, and bonds globally is a specialized field and different in many ways from the sectors of international law which govern trade, commerce, and other forms of business development activity. ...
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