Yorkshire Tourism Investment Research

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The primary goal of this research project is to enhance the tourism sector in Yorkshire and improve its position as a leading tourist destination within England. Recent investments into the sector by the local government are projected to increase the number of tourists beyond the national average.


However, the region has a lot of untapped potential towards offering more quality and increase revenues through a few unexplored avenues. The Yorkshire region is home to some beautiful landscapes and a vast countryside that can offer numerous opportunities for visitors to experience nature (Beeton, 2010). Tapping the tourist element in the rural countryside will also be economically beneficial to the local communities besides providing them a unique opportunity to showcase their tradition and culture. Any development of eco-tourism in coordination with these local communities must however be implemented through a sustainable framework that can ensure long-term growth and prevent any damage to the local environment. Key Drivers and Objectives ‘Rural tourism’ is a relatively new concept in the United Kingdom (UK) whose importance and growth potential were recognized by the government. Grants such as the ‘Yorkshire Forward’ are available to individuals and firms that aspire to develop a tourism related business in the rural parts of Yorkshire. The ‘Yorkshire Forward’ grants are offered through the RDPE (Rural development program for England) (Hall, 2010). ...
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