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Prejudice: Racial, Gender and Class Discrimination Seen in To Kill a Mockingbird Full name University Introduction ‘Prejudice is the twin of illiberality’, are the words of G.D. Prentice which has been strongly and truthfully stated as it is because such attitude does portray the mind of a person who decided to close his thoughts from any enlightenment.


It is such a sad thing that we, human beings have such views and feeling towards our fellow human beings rather than having the less fortunate creations like the animals feeling hatred to human beings for having been blessed more than they have been. Looking at such angle, animals have all the logical reasons for hating men should they have such feelings. However, men hating their equals make no sense at all. This is a sad fact that the highest-thinking living being feels, which would be the saddest part of all because it is decreasing him to a mere animal. These are all evident in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird (Lee). Prejudices in To Kill a Mockingbird The story tells of a colored man who has been wrongly accused of rape by a white woman and her father. Being colored, Tom Robinson, the accused was despised and already convicted even before the proper process he needed to undergo. This brought his life to danger, with the white Americans wanting to kill him for the accusations made to him even before his trial. Opinions about his being a bad person were already made in the minds of his spectators which eventually had a negative effect to his lawyer, Mr. Finch. ...
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