The Educational Level of Leadership and Effectiveness of Organizational Change

The Educational Level of Leadership and Effectiveness of Organizational Change Thesis example
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Running Head: Educational Level of Leadership Educational Level of Leadership [Writer’s Name] [Institute’s Name] Educational Level of Leadership Introduction Since centuries, business has remained a major component of human society, and until today, humans have been advancing in the field of business by carrying out enormous changes that has now resulted in the current state of global organizational settings (Poole, 2000).


In this regard, leaders responsible for planning and implementation of the change must be able to understand different factors of change and in situations where such an understanding is absent, organizations have been experiencing failures in the process of change. For this reason, the proposed research will be focusing on one of the major factors of organizational change, educational level of leadership, and subsequently, importance of educational and understanding level in the workforce as well (Williams et al, 2002). In specific, changes in organizations are observable in various forms, such as technological change, structural change, strategic change, and thus, these initiatives require a huge amount of effort for the success; however, lack of importance of educational level results in contrary results. In this regard, proposed research will be an attempt to identify and analyze different processes and procedures associated with the organizational change that will provide beneficial outcomes to the business community. ...
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