'Britain's 6 million carers are on the verge of winning unprecedented rights following a European court opinion that would p

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Anti-Discrimination Policies: Its Effect Upon Carers Discrimination of any kind is akin to a plague that governments and international organizations1 have worked closely towards its eradication. Despite these joint efforts, human rights violations and civil liberties infringements remained prevalent.


This prompted governments and international organizations3 to revisit laws and policies to curb its proliferation. The recognition of the most essential human rights, particularly to children4 and women5 , in legislative enactments and judicial pronouncements, is a welcomed development amongst the community of workers but employers are seemingly reluctant to fully implement as it is perceived as an intrusion of its management prerogative to exercise freedom of choice as well. It is argued that employers have the freedom to set the standards of employment including the criteria for selection, working conditions and other badges of employee control. The imposition of legislative enactment and its judicial interpretation of additional benefits are characterized as usurpation of employers’ prerogative. Indeed, the economic equilibrium requires a balancing act between expanding the rights of workers pursuant to the social justice principle and the rights of employers to profit as well as to retain competent and efficient workers supportive of its vision. It must therefore be recognized that in conferring rights to workers it must not entail the persecution of the employers. ...
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