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Running Head: Brand Management and Research Brand Management and Research Student Name Institution Name Subject Name Instructor Name Date of Submission Brand Management and Research Critical Evaluation of Brand Image Consumer culture is intricately related to branding.


However, brand image becomes important both in the context of the marketer and the consumer (Holt, 2002) In the case of the laptop brands like Apple, HP and Acer, the brands are influential and potentially capable of shaping up the market trends. An evaluative approach would analyse the laptop brands not only on the basis of product quality but also on the basis of the very brand image. Apple is perhaps a very strong brand in the world of laptop market. It is an innovative and capable market leader. The brand image of Apple is based on a lot of anticipation from the customers. The Apple brand actually raises expectations. Apple has been such a strong brand that the corporation ventured to make the year 2003 the year of laptops. This was stated by Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, in his speech at the Macworld conference, San Francisco. Aptly, the brand image of Apple inspires “technolust” and creates a stir in the market with every new release in the array of its quality products (Albritton, 2003). From the perspective of critical reflection, evaluating the laptop brand from the customer’s point of view is worthy. Apple laptops would smoothly connect on the go. The Apple laptop is compact and elegantly designed. Using it in a meeting or conference is likely to create a good impression. ...
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