Dissertation sample - How the company combine to satisfy shareholders and the demands of society with less impact on the profitability

How the company combine to satisfy shareholders and the demands of society with less impact on the profitability Dissertation example
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TABLE OF CONTENTS Contents Contents 1 Chapter 1 3 Introduction 3 Background of the Study 4 Research Questions 5 Objectives of the Research 6 Significance of the Study 6 Assumptions of the Study 7 Structure of the Paper 8 CHAPTER 2 Literature Review 9 Introduction …


Globalization, rapid developments in computer and information technology and the current experience of global economic crunch are some of the essential elements affecting growth and survival of modern organizations (Balakrishnan, 2003; Fischer, 2003; Soros, 2002; Bagwathi, 2010). Although there is no universal agreement regarding the effect of these developments and concerns relevant to the quality of life of people(Bagwathi, 2007; 2010; Stiglitz, 2007, 2010; Suarez-Orosco & Qin-Hilliard, 200; Yusoff, Ramayah & Ibrahim, 2010). ...
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