Portrayal of Brazil in the U.S. News Media

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The Portrayal of Brazil In The U.S. News Media Name Institution Table of contents Page 1.0 Introduction 2 2.0 Theoretical Background 3 2.1 The Role of Brazil in the World’s Economy 3 2.2 US Media Portrayal of Brazil 3 3.0 The Theories 6 3 .1Public Opinion and Agenda Setting 10 3.2 Framing and Tone: How did the US portrayed Brazil in the news media?


The New York Times and the Washington Post which are ranked at number three and six respectively were used as they are considered to be representative of the news media in the US (Mondotimes, 2011). A total of four research questions were used to determine whether attention, prominence and valence as defined in the paper were employed in the agenda setting process by the media. The paper also sought to determine whether there were any significant differences between the two periods identified – 2002 and 2010 in the way in which both media framed the news on Brazil as well as the types of frames used. Additionally, the paper sought to determine the overall US media tone towards Brazil. The results indicated that media salience factors identified did not pay a major role in setting the media agenda. No significant differences were found in terms of how the two media framed the news on Brazil and in terms of the two periods – 2002 and 2010. The overall tone of the news was found to be neutral, bordering mainly on the positive side. 2.0 Theoretical Background This study analyzes ‘the portrayal of Brazil in the U.S. news media’. ...
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