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NETWORK DESIGN SOLUTION by Your Full Name Name of Class Name of Professor The Name of Your Institution City and State March 3, 2011 NETWORK DESIGN AND SOLUTION The London Storage and Logistics Company has for some time been attempting to improve its business practices.


The following is an analysis of the new network design solution for the Storage and Logistics Company: BACKGROUND DESCRIPTION Scenario: The business scenario of this analysis is based on a storage and logistics company located in London. The company has twenty vans that make deliveries in the Greater London area. The company also has one warehouse located directly outside of London. In this case the company goal is to offer temporary storage and delivery to customers with the best quality of service. Company Profile: The Storage and Logistics Company is a warehousing and delivery corporation located in London. This corporation was first established in 1932. It manages the flow of goods and information for several prominent clients. The company has eight warehouse locations including seven in the surrounding Greater London area and one located directly outside of London. The current warehouse borough locations are Harrow, Hounslow, Kensington and Chelsea, Waltham Forest, Sutton, Lewisham, and Barking and Dagenham. The United Kingdom location is Sunbury. The company operates on a mid-sized level employing four-thousand, five hundred employees corporation wide. Of these five employ three delivery vans, two employ two, and one employs one. ...
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