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SID; Module (102KM); Course (BIS, BIT etc) Surname; Firstname. Business Information The ability to assist those who need health care has been the main objective of a variety of businesses. One leading business in the industry of providing health services is Humana.


This has led to a reputation that is based on the specific types of health care plans and the options available to assist with those who are in need of health care (Humana, 2011). Humana began in the 1960s by providing assistance to those who were living in nursing homes. The beginning in 1961 included two owners, Wendell Cherry and David Jones, deciding to build a nursing home to assist those in need of extra care. Within seven years, the nursing homes had grown to over 40 facilities available for seniors in need of various levels of assistance. By the late 1960s, the need for nursing homes changed, specifically because of the introduction to Medicare and the extra assistance from hospitals. By the 1970s, the focus was to provide extra assistance for living as well as to provide needed resources for those who were in hospitals. This expanded with the acquisition of America Medicorp that was based on adding special care. It wasn’t until 1984 that health plans and insurance were offered to assist a diverse population of individuals. By the 1990s, the company was known for its strong reputation among doctors and patients, as well as the several packages available for diverse needs in health care (Humana, 2011). Today, there are several products and services offered by Humana. ...
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