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People and Organisation Development: Team and Team Building Name University Professor Course Date Contents Introduction 3 Team and Team Building 3 Objectives of the Study 4 Review of Related Literature 5 A Case Study on Team Building 5 The Concept of Team Building 6 Applications of Team Building 7 Effectiveness of Team Building 9 Results and Discussion 9 Advantages of Team Building 10 Limitations and Challenges in Team Building 11 Methods and Techniques in Team Building 12 Conclusion 13 Recommendations and Personal View 13 References 15 People and Organisation Management: Team and Team Building Introduction An organisation is composed of different units with specific roles that contribute to


It is described as by Huse in 1980 as ‘the deliberate, reasoned, introduction, establishment, reinforcement, and spread of change for…the improvement of the organization both in terms of effectiveness and health” (Nel, 2009, p.2). For that matter, the change brought about by the reaction of the organisation to different intrinsic and extrinsic factors can be considered included in the definition of organizational development. These changes affect the components of an organisation specifically the people. One aspect of organisational development is even targeted to improve the well being of the people such as the employees and the members of the organisation. Due to the importance of the development of the people, the research undertaken is focused on one of the important dynamics in an organisation that is related to the people, team and team building. Team and Team Building Teams are cooperative groups in an organisation established to achieve common specific goals. ...
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