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COMPUTERS IN THE WORKPLACE Ethical and legal usage of computers may be unclear for employees. Because of unstated boundaries, there are employees who unknowingly break laws as well as violate computer ethics unintentionally. According to the Free Encyclopedia of Commerce, a recent study on Fortune 500 companies revealed that about 97% of employees feel that it should be necessary to establish grounds which make ethical and non-ethical usage of computers clear.


Such legislations include the Foreign Corrupt Practices act of 1997 and the 1991 Federal Sentencing Guidelines. The Federal Sentencing Guidelines of 1991 states that companies are responsible for their employee’s actions. The Foreign Corrupt Practices act of 1997 was created to recognize questionable actions among corporations. Guidelines that have been created are amongst the following: 1. All forms of communication devices or otherwise that belong to the company can only be used for the benefit of the company. Only those who are authorized may be able to use the internet but only for official business reasons. 2. Software that is needed to support your job must be analyzed and accepted by a supervisor and installed by the IT department. 3. Use of internet can provide security breaches and other harmful effects to your company’s system. Thus only authorized personal should be able to use the internet. 4. E-mail also applies to this. It can only be used for reasons that involve the company’s intention. Any viewing of pornography or sending of pornographic messages will be logged and taken against the offender. Any discrimination found in e-mails will also be logged and can be grounds for termination. 5. ...
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