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Topic - European Union Law European Union law is one of the powerful authorities of European Union which deals with internal movement of persons in the European territory. This body of treaty has a complex and well developed system of legal working procedure and its give benefits to individuals and families who freely move among the European member states.


If we see, there are different articles In European Law Union which states the provisions regarding the free movement of persons inside the member states. Below is the critical evaluation and advice to the plight of a polish family who moved to UK Critical Evaluation and Advise to the Family Members a) Josef’s case Jozef, you came to UK with your partner Karolina on visit and eventually planned to find a job and settle here. You demanded financial support which was not legally available to you as per UK law and also expected a fair treatment from UK as to the wage scale and employment opportunities. But the major mistake on your part is that you were not aware of the UK laws with regard to the benefits the country offers to non nationals According to European Union Treaty (2006) “The Council and the Commission shall ensure the consistency of activities undertaken on the basis of this title and the consistency of such activities with the policies of the Union and the Community, and shall cooperate to that end” The thing to be noted here is that many people cross the national boundaries with less knowledge about the legal procedures of UK and end being corrupted and humiliated. ...
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