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SWOT Analysis: DHL Name Course Instructor’s Name Date DHL I. Organization History, including a Mission Statement The history of the organization originated in 1490 where the official website revealed that the roots of the postal system originated from Franz von Taxis, who is considered its founder (DHL: History, 2011, par.


The legendary growth of the organization is manifested in extending the scope of operations into more than 220 countries world wide with 300,000 employees working through four specifically defined lines of operations: express, freight forwarding, supply chain and mail. In 2002, DHL was consolidated and owned by Deutche Post World Net but retained the famous corporate and brand name. The mission of DHL is to provide excellent customer service in the field of international express transport and logistics and to achieve is goal of being the logistics company of the world (DHL: Strategy, 2011, par. 2). Management strives to achieve this mission by adhering with strict standards of quality and ethical responsibility of preserving and protecting the environment as they utilize various resources effectively and efficiently. II. Organizational Strengths and Weaknesses A. Competent Leadership and Managerial Expertise One of the strengths of DHL is its pool of competent, qualified and diverse leaders who are deemed experts in their respective fields of endeavor. ...
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