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Environment Impact Assessment of Whitelee Windfarm Extension Project Word count = 2450 words Table of Content 1. Project Brief 1.1 Reason of Selection 1.2 Location and Description of the Project 2 Scoping under European Union Directives 85/337/EEC and 97/11/EC 3 Natural Heritage Impact Assessment and its Baseline Data 4 Legal Frame work and Legislation 5 Mitigation measures for significant Impact 6 Parties of the Project 7 Conclusion and Recommendation for Decision Making Process 8 References 1.0 Project Brief 1.1 Reason of Selection The project of selection is the Whitelee Windfarm Extension Project, there are several reason for the selection.


This shows the fast growing trend of establishing wind energy infrastructure and it is evident that we are going to see many similar projects been commissioned. On one hand it is a very healthy step to shift from non-renewable fuels to green technologies such as wind energy but these technologies also have some issues regarding their impacts on environment and need to be scoped and studied. Another reason for this selection is that this project is an extension, so its impact on the environment will not just be doubled but increased many folds. As you can see in the figure that the extension project is adjacent to high density wind farming area shown in RED. 1.2 Location and Description of the Project Whitelee Wind Farm, is the biggest onshore wind farm in Europe Union, which started in May 2009. ...
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