Bsc in Management Studies - Business Environment-Coursework- Firstgrade

Bsc in Management Studies - Business Environment-Coursework- Firstgrade Coursework example
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Executive Summary Good organizations often learn from their external environment because it affects them most. All the strategy making process therefore takes into account the impact of the changes in the external environment and how the same can influence the organization.


Report also discussed as to how Intel captured the personal computer processor market and completely revolutionized it. However, the emerging trends on mobile computing suggest that the Intel may be lagging behind in this segment of the business. Extensive competition in the chip business for the smart phones and tablet computers has resulted into the vanishing of Intel’s traditional competitive advantage in the market. Trends suggest that the manufacturing of personal computers- a segment where Intel is market leader despite the fact that it’s getting tough competition from AMD- is shrinking. This reduction into the personal computer manufacturing therefore could result into the loss of market share for Intel. The final section of the report discusses some of the strategic approaches which Intel can take to overcome the challenges posed by external environment. Introduction External business environment plays a key role in shaping the current and future strategies of a firm. Learning organizations therefore always attempt to understand and explore their business environment and subsequently adjust and develop their business strategies in such a manner which can offer them competitive advantage in that business environment. ...
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