The impact of technology on history and development

The impact of technology on history and development  Coursework example
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The impact of technology on history and development can be traced anywhere throughout history.On the microscale, technology has specifically impacted my life. It has made tasks easier for me to complete and allowed me to maximize my time at school and at work.


The impact of technology on history and development
It also has made it easier in-group work in allowing me to collaborate more quickly and efficiently with colleagues. In addition to all the positives that come with this increased use of technology in my education, there are also many disadvantages to this. Although an increased use of technology in the classroom makes it easier to learn, it also is handicapping students to this principle of instant access. Many contemporary problems with this issue have been associated with cheating and plagiarism. What has been termed the net generation, contemporary students have natural skills in using digital devices and navigating the media compared to other generations. This is destroying the ethics in teaching because many students report that they have used the Internet in some form or another to cheat and they did not consider it a big problem (Ma, Wan, & Lu, 2008). Another big point is the fallibility of technology. In terms of online classes and such, when technology or the Internet fails, it causes a large strain not only students, but the professors as well. In addition to the aspects of which technology has affected my educational progress, it has also played a role in my personal life. Social networking such as Facebook, and instant text messaging has opened my personal life.
This can be both a positive and a negative thing. Personally, I have known friends and children of my friends that have been introduced to a new form of hazing known as cyber bullying. It has been on the news and children have committed suicide due to the exposure and brutality they are now facing (Katz & Aakhus, 2002). Children of today and parents relate to technology very differently. ...
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