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Table of Contents Pg. No.s Introduction 1 Definition and meaning of sustainability marketing 1 Reference to and different terminologies in use 2 Critical literature review of sustainability marketing 2 Issues in sustainability marketing 3 Efforts taken by companies to resolve the issues 5 About General Motors 7 Financial Analysis of GM 8 Other Case Study 9 Conclusion 10 Introduction: Marketing is a simple process of providing value to the customers in consideration of some economic value.


G. & Ensor. J., 2005) The current report throws light on such recent burgeoning issues of marketing called the sustainability marketing which attempts to maintain the relationship of providers and customers traditionally but while adhering to numerous complications. The firms need to keep in mind the simple equation of gaining advantage through providing goods and services to their customers. They should never lose its ends even though they are put into complications so as to maintain the profitability and future sustenance of the firm. The criticalities they face in such a run of employing sustainability marketing and still remaining profitable is the discussion topic of this report. Ultimately, it is explained that branding of the firm’s products is the sole aim for which the firm needs to perspire to achieve all its sustainability and profitability goals. Definition and meaning of sustainability marketing: Also known as green marketing, its emphasis is on the stewardship of environment. ...
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