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<Title> <Student Name> <Name and Section # of course> <Instructor Name> <Date> HTML HTML, Hyper text markup language is the most common web page formatting language. It is a generalized markup language that is considered a relatively easy to use language in web page design.


HTML functions to define the structure and style of a document including the headings, graphic positioning, tables and text formatting. Since the advent of HTML, there has been a continuous addition in the features of the language by the two major browsers, Netscape's Navigator and Microsoft's Internet Explorer, in order to enhance and refine the page layouts. However, many of the improvements work on only one company's browser which is a threat to the achievement of a universal computer platform. Furthermore, the cost of building e-commerce sites is escalated by the addition of proprietary functionality while building browsers. There must be special care taken during the building of e-commerce sites to enable the page views by major browsers. Any text editor can be used to create HTML web pages. For example, notepad, WordPad, Microsoft word or any of the several web page editors. The advent of web page formatting languages was with the SGML-Standard Generalized Markup Language which was formulated in 1986. Along with HTML, Extensible markup language (XML) is also widely used. Online Auction Sites With the advancement of technology and the enablement of the use of digitally advanced mode of communication, the business market is becoming more virtual. Consumers tend to carry out transactions from their home through the internet or the telephone. ...
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