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This project will discuss the relationship of hate and psychology as they have been applied to past and current events and how they have been applied to the theories that have been developed. The second section will present how these theories present contradictory evidence whether it is a group or an individual. A short evaluation of this research project will conclude this paper with the writer's personal views of what type of psychology is needed in studying hate. Behavioural Psychology is a theory that all behaviours are gained through conditioning: classical & operant. Conditioning occurs through interaction with the environment. Classical conditioning have two elements, the conditioned stimulus and the conditioned response. Operant Conditioning is the association between the behaviour and the consequence for that behaviour. From this conditioning, the learning theory was developed. Negative behaviour can be eliminated by taking away the benefit. A person's behaviour is learned by the consequences which can be external forces. His conscious is changed by the rewards he receives. Adolf Eichmann as seen by a behavioural psychologist would have learned a set of rules and been conditioned to have positive consequences. "When these basic, underlying, human standards (behaviours) are cross culture and are human, there are no longer any societal rules for criticising what is good and what is bad. It was considered normal what was going on in Germany. (Goble 110) Social Psychology is focused on the situation. Eichmann's defence was that he was simply following instructions when he ordered the death of millions of Jews. In his 1974 book Obedience to Authority, Milgram posed the question, "Could it be that Eichmann and his million accomplices in the Holocaust were just following orders? Could we call them all accomplices?" One person in history, one concept of hate is compared to two types of psychology. Social Psychology is focused on the situation. Behavioural Psychology is focused on the consequences of the reward of the individual. Social Psychology - SSM Theory Behavioural Psychology- Learning Theory Social Psychology in simple terms tells how people act, when they are with other people. Group behaviour, conformity, interaction, perception, prejudice and leadership are all taken into account. In 2003, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) finished an eight year study which has become the universal Seven-Stage Hate Model (SHM) The SHM is a predictive tool that tracks hate groups from inception to full maturity. A hate group, if not stopped, passes through seven successive stages. In the first four stages, hate groups vocalize their beliefs and in the last three stages, they act on their beliefs. There is contradictory evidence in the original study and the universal SHM between the distinction of passing from stage 3 to 4 as they are often interchanged. In 2003, the model was presented by the FBI as: 1. The Haters gather 2. The Hate group defines itself 3. The Hate Group disparages the target 4. The Hate Group taunts the target 5. The Hate Group attacks without weapons 6. The Hate Group attacks with weapons 7. The Hate Group destroys the target A transition period exists between verbal violence and acting that violence out. Prior to the groups transition to acting out violence interdiction has the greatest probability of success. The Seven-Stage Hate Model can be used to predict violence before it occurs. Observers can track ...Show more


Applying Psychology to Real World Issues After World War II, psychology theories were developed to explain the atrocities of the Holocaust. Behavioural psychology made advances in the study of group conditioning. Social psychology was used in experiments after the War Trial…
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Hate essay example
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