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Thesis example - The need for a consistent nation wide policy to ensure quality early childhood education to close the achievement gap.

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The need for a consistent nation wide policy to ensure quality early childhood education to close the achievement gap. Thesis example
Finance & Accounting
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The Need for a Consistent Nation Wide Policy for Ensuring Quality Early Education Closing the Achievement Gap By Course Mentor Institution Date Abstract Educators, administrators and policy-makers have been informed by research efforts for much of the 20th century of the significance of early childhood education and care…

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This paper suggests that educators, administrators and policy-makers are fully aware of what needs to be done and ought to take the appropriate steps to ensure that all children have an equal opportunity for quality care and education. This paper therefore proposes a nationwide policy for early childhood care and education reform that is informed by the evidence revealed over the years. Part II: Federal Legislation in Education: Major Policies and their Consequences for Early Childhood Education and Early Childhood Special Education Programs Introduction Early childhood education and care policies in the US are three dimensional in nature. First, the federal government or state governments may make provision for early childhood care and education either directly or they can offer subsidies or reimbursement relative to partial casts of private education and care. Secondly, state governments may provide child care and/or education to all US children or they may provide support to a specific class of children. Thirdly, the purpose of child care and education may be looked upon as providing for the child’s development or as a means of supporting working parents. In other words, child care and education policies in the US may be seen as either providing a child development service or a support system for working parents (McCartney and Phillips 2006). ...
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