how does the democratic leadership style affect the work environment in school

how does the democratic leadership style affect the work environment in school Thesis example
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Democratic Leadership Style Order No. 511359 No individual has all the skills-and certainly not the time- to carry out all the complex tasks of contemporary leadership – (John Gardner, On Leadership) Introduction Democratic leadership plays a key role in determining the progress of a group or organization, be it in a teacher -student relationship or a higher authority and their subordinates.


In a school, democratic leadership has a vital role to play and it is important that the people closest to the students, get the opportunity to make decisions on school curriculum and instructions. Coalition principles state that the school itself "should model democratic practices that involve all who are directly affected by the school" In a democratic setup, students, teachers and parents could have various insights, thoughts, ideas and talents which when shared would be so effective in creating a healthy school culture. It is vital to start democratic leadership while children are still in school, as schools play a crucial role in preparing citizens for democracy. According to Nancy Mohr -"You can do anything you want: you just can't do everything you want". The positive side of limited time is that it forces schools to make choices that correlate with the core values of the school resulting in teachers, students and parents-the decision-makers experience commitment that  surpasses their personal fortune. In a democratic set up, one does not think and act individually for ones self, but on the other hand think and work for the whole group. ...
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