Satirical Shows and Internet Bloggers are the Fifth Estate

Satirical Shows and Internet Bloggers are the Fifth Estate Thesis example
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Introduction Before the advent of the Internet, people got their news from the media, be it the local news, national news or daily newspapers. And, as such, there was no checks and balances for these media outlets. All this has changed. From Matt Drudge outing the Monica Lewinsky affair, to the millions of Internet bloggers, to satirical shows such Jon Stewart, Bill Maher and Stephen Colbert’s shows, to other satirical shows such as South Park and The Family Guy, to documentaries by Michael Moore, individuals are getting their news in different ways than ever before.


In the end, there were no death panels, but people still believe that there are. Witness also the issue of the Obama citizenship. Internet bloggers will not leave the issue alone, which has made problems for the President, even though there is no basis for claiming that Obama is not a citizen. Inaccurate information can spread very quickly, even more quickly than in the mainstream press, so one viral rumor can cause a lot of damage very quickly. That said, there is value to this type of information spread, and the pros and cons are what this paper will be concentrated upon. Discussion According to Arthur Hayes (2008), citizen press critics, which are the citizens who blog, are to be defended as an effective democratic rabble that keeps the mainstream press in check. ...
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