How valid is the view that the German state which emerged between 1867 and 1871 was essentially autocratic, conservative and mil - Coursework Example

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How valid is the view that the German state which emerged between 1867 and 1871 was essentially autocratic, conservative and mil

Bismarck, on the other hand was the government’s chancellor (Turk, 1999). Their designations were in accordance with the Confederation’s constitution. Bismarck was actually the one who drafted the said constitution. He made it possible for the newly constituted state to have an emperor and a chancellor. He designed the constitution in such a way that he would be designated to a high position. The new constitution was observed to be the revised version of the Prussian constitution (“World,” n.d.). The main difference was the inclusion of the chancellor position. The addition of such designation in the constitution was of course with a purpose. It was designed by Bismarck so that he will have a greater role in the affairs of the Confederation. Significantly, the constitution accorded great powers to Bismarck, the chancellor (“North,” 2009). Although the constitution made Bismark responsible to the Reichstag, he was not accountable to them (“North,” 2009). This means that Bismark had power and control over the Reichstag. Nevertheless, the Reichstag did not have power over the chancellor. The grant of authority was one sided. Stated in another sense, there was no balance of power between them. The distribution of power under the Confederation’s constitution was unfair. It granted more power to the chancellor and less to the legislature. ...
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The German State from 1867 to 1871: As An Autocratic, Conservative and Militaristic Government) It is true that the German state from 1867 to 1871 was essentially autocratic, conservative and militaristic. This statement is in fact contended to provide a comprehensive description of the dissolved North German Confederation…
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