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Running Head: DATA PRIVACY IN ONLINE BUSINESSES Data Privacy in Online Businesses [Name] [University] Data Privacy in Online Businesses Introduction Doing business online brings into sharp focus ethical questions about privacy and sharing data. Are information professionals in today's organizations prepared to respond to these challenging questions?


A perspective shared among the technology providers and the companies collecting and mining data is that ethical, privacy-respecting practices simply make good business sense. Are there guidelines in developing privacy policies to help organizations in establishing ethical responsibilities of the organization and the data professionals? How does an organization develop a data privacy policy that provides the environment for trust on the part of the consumers? A major focus needs to be the incorporation of fair information practice principles of notice, choice, access, and security. Management and information technology professionals need to develop an understanding of how to manage data ethically and communicate the policy effectively to the consumers (Samuelson, 1999). More information and experience is needed by students and professionals in management and information technology in the development of a data privacy policy. This research project serves to provide the needed information and experience for both students and professionals. Purpose of Study Current technology makes the threats to privacy less tangible and less visible. ...
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