The Comparison of Principal Component Analysis and Data EnvelopmentAnalysis in Ranking of Decision

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MULTIVARIATE ANALYSIS TECHNIQUE ASSESMENT Submitted to: [Name of Instructor] Submitted by: [Name of Student] Submitted on: [June 20, 2011] INTRODUCTION This report is aimed to present a review and critical analysis of the multivariate analysis techniques used in the three selected research papers.


The huge capacity of research in the field of modeling of the real world processes along with handling of several input and output variables is obvious. All these situations can be considered as multivariate due to the presence of multiple variables. Multivariate Analysis: Multivariate analysis techniques identify the relationship patterns among a number of variables at one time. Multivariate analysis techniques are generally used for, Development of classification systems. Enquiring ways to group and use data items. Generation and testing of hypothesis. Selected Papers The research papers selected for the study are listed as follows, 1. A Study of Diversification in banking sector with special reference to Finance, by Yaseen Ahmed Meenai, IBA, Karachi, Pakistan. 2. Performance measurement by Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA): A study of banking sector in Pakistan by Sultan Jahanzaib, Bilal Muhammad, Zaheer Abbas. International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan. 3. The Comparison of Principal Component Analysis and Data Envelopment Analysis in Ranking of Decision, by Filiz KARDYEN and H.Hasan ORKCU, Turkey. The sources of these research papers are indicated in the references. ...
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