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THE PURPOSE OF A REGULATED POWER SUPPLY AND THE SYSTEM INSIDE IT 1. Introduction The power supply is the most basic component of an electronic circuit. It is the heart of any electronic circuit, gadget or appliance system. Without it, no gadget or electronic system will function.


So what is a power supply? In the days before complicated ICs and complicated digital electronics, a simple power supply was composed of a transformer and a rectifier circuit. The transformer is where alternating current or AC voltage enters. AC voltage comes from the normal voltage from the electrical outlet at home. It carries with it alternating current and has to be transformed and rectified into direct current (DC) so that it can power up the electrical appliance. It has an input and an output. The output is the desired DC voltage for an electronic circuit which depends whether it is 6 volts or 12 volts or even higher. Since it is the heart and that it supplies the main lifeblood of an electronic system, it is easy to locate, and if one has become acquainted with it, easy to troubleshoot and repair. That is easy said than done, but in any electronic troubleshooting mastery of the block- and schematic diagrams and every detail of the circuitry will ensure a troubleshooting success. For electronic technicians and engineers, pinpointing the location of the power supply is as easy as troubleshooting itself. ...
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