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Thesis example - What are the preceptions of barriers of the nurse practitioner as the primary care provider in long term care facilities?

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Finance & Accounting
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The responsibilities and skills required by nurse practitioners is vast despite the prevailing misconceptions about their subservient and mindless duties. Registered nurses have a huge number of responsibilities in the healthcare profession. …

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Registered nurses have a huge number of responsibilities in the healthcare profession. While this fact has largely been overshadowed by the role of doctors, in general, registered nurses are responsible for most of the patient interactions in a hospital scene. Many of his or her tasks include educating the patients about their illnesses, reading diagnostic tests, operating medical machinery, recording the medical history of the patient, and administering medications. The profession of registered nurse comprises the largest number of healthcare positions, and the field continues to be in high demand. This large number of individuals can often lead people to think they are so numerous, they are easily placed and replaced. Along with the large number of professionals in this field comes the incorrect implication that the training and duties are simplistic. This is of course, incorrect. The training to become a registered nurse is intense and difficult. The degrees required for this profession include a bachelor’s degree, an associate’s degree, and an acceptable nursing program degree. This training can take about four years for the bachelor’s, two or three years for an associate’s degree, and three years for the nursing program. In other words, it’s possible to spend more years in school to become a registered nurse than a doctor. Registered nurses, in a clinic or outpatient care setting, are responsible for organizing the numerous files for different patients. ...
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