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Self-Reflection 1. Which three theories / concepts did you find most useful over the term? Why might these be effective in business or management? Use practical examples to explain your views. The three most useful theories and concepts focus on (1) motivation; (2) leadership; and (3) virtual teams.


Although motivational theories were indicated not to be the only factors influencing employee productivity and quality of work, one believes that it is a crucial factor to develop and promote behavioral patterns that are consistent with the attainment of goals. Concurrently, to motivate people towards excellent performance is the primary task of leaders. To do that, the leader needs to understand and recognize what motivates people. The emergence of virtual teams, in On Line, Real Time tutorial, came as a necessary spin-off from interactions that ensue from electronic networks. Concurrently, the concepts of leadership have adapted competencies catering to global virtual teams. One learned that the theoretical framework for virtual encompasses permeable boundaries and interfaces, project teams evolving rapidly in its inception to dissolution as needs in the group members change, and people with diverse qualifications and skills are tapped across the spheres of space, culture and time. For the purpose of the tutorial, identification of the three most effective leadership qualities confirm its ability to reach a consensus and learn on leadership qualities, as required. 2. In writing an effective business report from a case study what are the main decisions you have to make? An effective business report from a case study must be discerning and objective in the treatment of facts of the case. ...
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