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Is abortion right or wrong?

These statistics are a clear indicator of how abortion has affected a great deal of the world’s population either directly or indirectly. Due to the grey nature of life-related issues statements are left for individual interpretations and this paper will look into whether abortion is right or wrong. Scientists have come to the fore with mixed sentiments on the issue of abortion. Some point out that a human being exists right from conception. These further stress that the terms zygote, embryo and foetus among others, that are at the centre of debate as to which is a human form and which is not, are merely stages of development in a new baby. They stress that a baby also has various names like infant and toddler depending on their age after birth. These scientific arguments connote that a baby is formed right from the time it is conceived and the human argument needs no debate (Baumgardner 2008). In the same scientific front there are those that refrain from the above descriptions. Some extremist opponents of these views state that life begins are birth. The others state that an unborn child is a living person but they differ on which stage of development a human being is formed. ...
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Introduction Abortion is one of the highly debated issues in the world and the arguments set forth mostly relate to whether it is right or wrong. Abortion is the act of expulsing a human foetus prematurely. Statistics indicate that in every four women one has aborted at least once therefore indicating the intricacy of this matter…
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