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The goal of this report is to assess the performance of Dominos Pizza Inc. from 2008-2010. All values in the report are taken from financial statements published by the company annually. These statements are studied thoroughly and interpreted in light of company’s background and current performances.


Moreover, the company performance is seen in the light of industry comparison as well.
Trend analysis and vertical analysis are done to compare company’s performance with its base year 2008 and calculating indexes based on it. Various trends are observed and interpreted in light of market’s performance. Moreover, vertical analysis sheds light on company’s key title accounts in relation to the base title. Positive and negative trends are identified and analyzed to provide critical insight.
Ratio analysis is done in detail to provide insight about company’s profitability, liquidity, capital structure, market performance and asset efficiency to help investors, creditors and management make decisions about the company’s future.

Domino’s Pizza, Inc. (Domino’s) was founded by two siblings from Michigan in 1960, where they acquired a store name DomiNick’s. It started as a product and after five years transmitted into a brand named ‘Dominos’. . It operates as a pizza delivery company in the United States and internationally as well. Domino’s has always seen itself as a growing organization which was evident by the urge to become international. In 1983, it went global and took a ride to become the leading pizza maker in the world. Domino’s employs around 10,900 people in their 9,351 stores worldwide. ...
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