Levels of economic growth in future years are forecast to be relatively low

Levels of economic growth in future years are forecast to be relatively low Coursework example
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Student Name: XXXX Tutors Name: XXXX Subject: Apple Case Study Date: 24/10/11 Apple Case Study This report will give a strategic analysis of the company Apple in relation to the case study provided. Unless otherwise stated the information about Apple has been taken from the relevant case study.


Apple’s SBUs: Americas Europe (Including Middle East and Africa) Japan Asia Pacific Retail Each business unit reports sales and profitability from all product and operational categories within the region, with the exclusion of retail operations which fall under a separate SBU. In analysing Apple’s strategy, subsequent sections of the report will refer to the European SBU where appropriate. 1.1 Financial Analysis The financial performance of Apple’s European SBU would seem to be quite impressive in light of the economic events taking place during the period. Europe represents Apple’s second largest market by sales volume as the Americas division. Sale have risen from $9,233m in 2008 to $18,692 in 2010, a rate of growth of over 102%. Profit during the period has similarly increased from $3,022m in 2008 to $7,524m in 2010, an increase of 149% suggesting that profitability is increasing at a greater rate in proportion to sales. As such, this suggests that Apple’s European SBU has effectively kept expenses under control and is beginning to benefit from various economies of scale as sales increase2. ...
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