Life as a midwife (personal writing)

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Name Course Instructor’s Name Date Life as a Midwife There was a hurried knock on the door at 2 in the morning. I was sure that it was a dream. I came in late from a night out with college friends, some who decided to be registered nurses; others became professional managers, and I with Sharon tread the career path of midwifery.


I was immediately roused from slumber and tried to grope for light from my bedside table. The clock ticked 2:05. Someone needs me! I rushed to peek through the hole who was bashing at this wee hour of the morning. I recognized my neighbor, Michael, a young adult barely out of his teens, who reportedly married his beautiful sweetheart, Christine, also in her teens because she was already three months’ pregnant then. Seems just like yesterday, I realized, six months have passed and it must have been the right time for the baby to come. “Sorry to disturb you madam but the baby is coming! Christine is in labor…”, Michael quipped. “Ok, I will be right there!” I replied. As I rushed to get my delivery equipment that is always prepared and ready. It only took me less than 5 minutes to put on a jacket on top of night clothes and don a slip on to prod me on my way. I knew the house as I pass there practically everyday. I give Christine her much needed and regular prenatal counseling to prepare her for the anticipated delivery of their first child. As I entered, the house was well lit and warm due to the intense feeling and emotions of the residents. Despite its meager surroundings, the atmosphere exuded of warmth, love and affection as if enveloping every visitor with an affectionate embrace. ...
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