The concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR)

The concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) Thesis example
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Contents Contents 1 Introduction 1 Aims and Objectives of the Research 2 Research Question 4 Structure of the Paper 4 Literature Review 5 Corporate Social Responsibility: Its Definition 6 CSR and the Goods 10 The Contradictory Experience 16 The Case of Enron 16 The case of Aids and Generic Drugs 18 Summary 20 Methodology 22 Collection of Data 25 Data Analysis 27 Time Frame 30 References 30 Corporate Social Responsibility: An Evaluation of Its Relevance in the 21st Century Introduction The concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been conceptualized already as early as the 1930’s (Carroll, 1979; Hemingway, 2002).


Nonetheless, despite the debates and discourses about CSR, corporate social responsibility still requires further clarification (Dahlsrud, 2008). In addition, the current global economic downturn, which begun in 2007, has started the seeds of doubt regarding the relevance of CSR in the current global economic market (Lin-hi, 2009; Ludescher and Mahsud, 2010; Reis, Betton and Petana, 2005). This position has been raised in view of the fact that many large companies who have been involved in illegal activities that have contributed immensely to the global economic downturn were organizations that have been evaluated as socially responsible (Reis et al, 2005; Karnani, 2010). As such, some have asked whether CSR is working for the good of the society and the corporation or corporations have learned to come up with means in furthering their gains out from using CSR. On the other hand, not everybody shares the pessimistic view regarding CSR (eg. Kapoor and Sandhu, 2010; Porter and Kramer, 2002). ...
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