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Homebirths With pregnancies all over the world it is seen that a conflict has also arose on the topic of delivery amongst women. Many researchers put forward that home birth is a risky business and it should be avoided at all costs because it does not involve expertise whereas on the other hand the opponents argue that homebirth a safer process through which a baby can be born without any interference from the health authorities until needed.


While on the other hand many argue that home births are dangerous for both women and the child and they should be avoided. It is seen that the rate of home births is quite less in comparison to the hospital births but this can only be associated with the recommendations of the health professionals regarding the homebirths. I have chosen this topic as I have witnessed this situation in the case of my own mother. My mother wanted to have a home birth with all six of her pregnancies but due to varying circumstances she was unable to do so. My mother had to undergo her delivery in UK for her third baby and she wanted to have a home birth but she could not go ahead with it because of certain problems. My mother knew so much about birth at home as she previously had undergone homebirth in our native city which is because she developed a fear for the hospitals. When I went with my mother for the first anti-natal check up at my local hospital I told the doctor that my mother would prefer to have birth at home but was told that it is my mother’s first pregnancy in UK so it would not be possible. ...
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