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Culture and Accounting

This research aims to evaluate and present culture as one of the most significant elements in understanding the framework of the society, for the culture modifies the various systems of the society and it influences the customs, morals and group behavior in and across these systems. The most generally accepted cultural framework in accounting study is the Hofstede’s cultural standards. The use of Hofstede-Gray framework is to evaluate the impact of culture on the implementation and form of accounting, as it shows the influence of culture in China’s accounting system through a thorough examination. Hofstede put forwards common values all the way through the interaction of four parts. These are ecological factor, institutional effects, outside influence and community norms. Hofstede-Gray framework is used to explain and forecast worldwide dissimilarities in accounting systems and to recognize the patterns of accounting growth globally. Accounting practices and systems of a country can influence and strengthen community values. Accounting practices of a country, being primarily a human activity, are affected by the decisions and interpretations in the application of accounting principles and values. The accounting practices of a country are also affected by the environmental features, mainly culture. So the culture, values and customs held by the members of an accounting scheme, have a pervasive effect on the accounting practices of the country. The practicing of accounting system by various cultural groups would result in different decisions and interpretations of accounting system ideas and its relationships. ...
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The research consists of primary analysis among the certain respondents in the study and these include the hypothesis development as well, based on the various factors that affect culture and accounting. It comprises of detailed literature review, which provides the theoretical structure for the study…
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