AS Unit F911- Communication in care settings

AS Unit F911- Communication in care settings Coursework example
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Case Study Preparing New Workers Communication is essential to any business and when you are in a position of caring, it is even more important. The first level of communication is to your patients. Within this realm, you will also have communication with family members as you are caring for the patient.


The receiver must then respond to the message given to them. As an example, when the practitioner wants to convey information about a particular health situation, they may first tell the patient the condition that they have found through testing and other means. They may next send the family to a website that gives more information about the disease or condition, and they would probably provide written handouts about the disease or condition. These are all effective ways of communicating to the patient. Nonverbal Communication Nonverbal communication, also known as body language, is a type of communication that people convey to one another on an unconscious level. This level of communication goes back and forth between two people who are talking to each other all the time. As an example, an individual may be sending a verbal message to another person. Person one is conveying the information and person two is listening. If person two does not like what person one is saying, or they are feeling uncomfortable with what is being said, they may cross their arms. This is a signal to the other person that something is going wrong with how person two is receiving the message. ...
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