AS Unit F911- Communication in care settings

AS Unit F911- Communication in care settings Coursework example
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<Student Name> Communication Methods in Senior Adult Care Settings Case Study Overview: The Oaks Adult Care Center Steve is a care assistant at The Oaks Care Center. Each day between 40 and 50 older adults attend the day center. The clients’ ages tend to be over 65 years of age.


This will include a detailed discussion of the reasons for using each skill. There will also be a discussion as to how care values are applied and integrated with the appropriate use of communication skills to show how service users are valued in the setting. In the previous report, it was commented that Meath (2006) cites Dozier from 1995 as saying the most effective means of communication is a two-way model that includes give and take. But what happens when the individuals who are participating in the care center activities are potentially frail, experiencing health problems, and may be unable to hear, see or truly communicate in response to a message given to them? Further research shows four communication skills recommended for use by service users and care workers. These skills go well beyond the simple two-way communications method cited by Meath (2006). The four communication skills are communication competence and confidence, communication skills for dealing with individuals age 65 and over, skills dealing with those cognitively impaired, skills for dealing with those with Alzheimer’s or dementia, and general communication guidelines for clients in a facility as referenced by Schockley-Zabalak (2002); Tam, IP, & Chan (2000). First, both Schockley-Zalabak (2002) and Tam, IP, & Chan (2000) point out that each party in the communication process needs to be equipped with communication competency. ...
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