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AS Unit F911- Communication in care settings

In elderly healthcare facilities, this idea of interpersonal communication is especially important. Many people who work in nursing homes have had experience or taken courses in the field of gerontology, which is the study of the process of aging from a psychological, biological, and social perspective. In the case of an elderly woman who has become reserved with a resulting change in eating behavior, there may be more than a few dynamic forces at play, which have to be considered when discussing the problem on a personal level. Vital communication means being able to understand the individual’s needs, form a relationship with the client and showing respect for the individual (Windsor, & Moonie, 2000). The first important part in ensuring proper communication is the setting that is chosen. The environment in which to conduct effective communication, especially in the case of the elderly, means creating an environment in which they feel comfortable. In this case, for a one on one approach, the room of the person would be the most effective place to effectively communicate. This is because it will allow the person to feel like they are on “home turf”. This is because in unfamiliar locations and interacting with people they are not typically close in can hinder communication efforts (Russell, 2005). ...
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Communication in Health Care Communication has a diverse of realm often combining common sense with complicated interpersonal variables. As a health care professional, mastering the skills of communication is essential. This is essential in addition to addressing the multicultural factors in communication in that people will respond in different ways to different forms of communication…
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AS Unit F911- Communication in care settings
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AS Unit F911- Communication in care settings
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