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Running head: ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP Organizational Leadership Student name: Professor: Module: Date of submission: Organizational Leadership The 20th century saw increased attention drawn towards leadership. There are fundamental differences that exist between how leadership is perceived now and before 20th century.


Managing the public sector is relatively difficult and for a leader to be a candidate of future promotions they need to learn how to constantly acquire required leadership skills and competences (Lobel, 2007). Furthermore, the world is undergoing dynamic changes in all sectors including management. This will also call for a manager in DPSS to be alert and have high affinity for change so as to drive the County to the next level. County of Los Angeles has a high potential to grow more than it has but without effective leadership this cannot be a reality. One of the leadership theories useful in managing the affairs of DPSS is the Contingency Theory. Many issues keep on rising and which need to be solved in the department. As such a manager is supposed to use that style of leadership that they feel will be in line with prevailing variables (Goleman, Boyatzis & McKee, 2001). This theory emphasizes that the followers’ attitudes are important in determining the style of leadership to use. One is the autocratic leadership which is not quite desirable in managing affairs in DPSS since it requires the manager to amass all power and rule by decree. ...
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