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Dignity In Elderly Care - Thesis Example

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From a broader perspective, dignity is “an umbrella concept.which makes it at once inclusive and comprehensive, and yet raises issues of scope and precision. [While creating an] awareness of the gulf separating humans from all other species can sensitize us to our potential for dignity” (Holmes, 2008, 130). …

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Dignity In Elderly Care

Thus, dignity is a comprehensive subject, which is predisposed to vary within the context of different ethical and cultural background. Modern, contemporary cultures seek to assimilate and subsequently transmit values, which directly aim at sustaining human dignity; additionally life by itself carries a fundamental value pertaining to dignity that merits respect.
The term dignity encompasses various human intrinsic values such as freedom, love, justice, and integrity, thus making it liable to change from one country to country. Here the notions of dignity must be comprehended and connoted within the realms of the culture concerned. This is essential to bring in sustainable and positive changes while avoiding the drawbacks emanating from "moral imperialism." Owing to the presence of a large number of highly varying cultural concepts worldwide, no single country can be accorded the right to create an universal standard for human dignity with which all other countries must comply. Nevertheless, there must also be an exclusive set of international code of standard for upholding and safeguarding human dignity, commonly enforceable in all the societies, worldwide. ...
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