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Table of Contents
Introduction 6
1 Literature review 16
1.1 Health Ethics 19
Relationship between human rights and health/bioethics 19
What is the relationship between health and ethics? 20


1.2 Elderly People’s Rights 22
1.3 The Power/Vulnerability Paradox (Mégret’s theory) 39
1.4 Indicators of dignity for the elderly 42
2 Method and Methodology 48
Introduction 48
Methodology 49
Methods 53
Target population 54
Process 55
3 Data analysis 62
4 Conclusion 77
Appendix 1: 80
Appendix 2: 106
Bibliography of Introduction 109
UN programme on ageing, The Madrid International Plan of Action on Aging, 2002. 118
Report of the Second World Assembly on Ageing, Madrid, 8-12 April 2002, United 118
Nations, New York, 2002. Retrieved from, 118
http://www.un.org/ageing/madrid_intlplanaction.html 118


I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my supervisor Professor George Grima[title]
For, his excellent guidance, constant support and assistance throughout the opus of this thesis.

I also wish to thank all those who made the completion of this course possible, especially my Family and Friends who have patiently supported me throughout my years of study


Background study

The term ‘dignity’ derived from the Latin word dignitas or dignus that means worthy, can be defined as “quality of being worthy of honour” or “a sense of self-importance” (Collins Language. com, 2011). One can view dignity as an individual’s personal characteristic, recognised by self and others. From a broader perspective, dignity is “an umbrella concept...which makes it at once inclusive and comprehensive, and yet raises issues of scope and precision... ...
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