Organisational Behaviour (Motivation in the Modern Business World)

Organisational Behaviour (Motivation in the Modern Business World) Coursework example
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Organizational behaviour- Motivation Scenario There has been extensive research and debate over the years in regards to understanding and attempting to explain the nature of motivation. Motivation is one of the earliest concerns of organisational behaviour and links between a motivated workforce and increased performance led managers to strive toward ‘motivating’ their workforces in an attempt to reduce alienation (Wilson & Rosenfeld, 1990).


Organisational contribution to employee motivation 14 4.1 Role of Organisational culture 14 4.2 Role of organisational systems 14 4.3 Role of leadership 16 5 Current issues and recommendations: 18 6 Conclusions 19 References Appendices Abstract This report explores the role of motivation on organizational behaviour. This is accomplished by understanding the concept of motivation and its implications on organization. A brief understanding of the two types, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation has been obtained. Different motivational theories categorized under content and process theories have been explored. Implications of motivational theories on various management aspects such as employee performance, employee commitment, and organisational performance have been explored by applying content and process theories through specific case studies obtained from the literature. Further, role of organizational aspects such as organizational culture, systems and leadership on employee motivation have been studied. ...
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